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Norway’ Traumatised Generation

Norwegian Shannon Johansen commented: I would like to share four "good news" stories about Norway's Child Welfare System (NCWS), Barnevernet from Orkdal, Norway. I know of four NCWS cases from Orkdal where the children were removed from their homes, in my opinion, unjustly and without cause. In three of the cases, the

Norway violating Human Rights in Child Care cases

Norway admits to violating the Human Rights of its citizens, but qualifies this statement by saying - they are concerned about the 'best interest of the child'. The mother of Tonje Jacobsen who fled from Norway to Sweden to give birth, claims she was told that they recommend sterilization of people

Brave journalists who write the truth about barnevernet

Brave journalists and independent journalism are not something that's usually associated with Norway, especially when commenting on the systematic abuse carried out by Norway's Child Welfare System (NCWS), Barnevernet. This writing piece is the exception and has been put forward for the European Press Prize for 2017. Let's hope there's more brave


BREAKING NEWS FROM NORWAY. Norway's Child Welfare System, Barnevernet - A DICTATORSHIP IN A DEMOCRACY. Many teachers in Norway are becoming more and more embarrassed and ashamed of their own child welfare system, Barnevernet. Norwegian Britt Hagesæter has worked in the education sector for 30 years and from her article translated below,

The Story of Liv Benthe

This story has all the hallmarks of "confirmation bias", with a good possibility of a false diagnosis in Norway to start with - which has led to the brutal and terrifying treatment of this family over the years. Norway's Child Welfare Services/System (NCWS), barnevernet, took Liv Benthe’s precious daughter Magdalena 14

Barnevernet snatches another infant

Norway's Child Welfare System, Barnevernet abducted Ishaan, a four week old baby from a young American Jewish mother and a young Nepalese father, Satish Ligal, who lived in Norway on a student visa studying Christianity. Ishaan, known in the family as a "gift from God" was born on November 15, 2016

Indian boy snatched by barnevernet

A picture that's worth a thousand sad words - the anguish, the terror and fear in a mother and father after having their precious only child Aryan abducted from their care by Norway's Child Welfare Services/System (NCWS), Barnevernet. Aryan, an innocent five year old Indian boy, was snatched just before Christmas. No

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