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Why I Am Going to Protest Against Barnevernet in San Francisco



by Delight in Truth

Delight in Truth is going to San Francisco to attend this weekend’s pro-family/anti-Barnevernet protest supporting Bodnariu, Nan and other families devastated by the Norwegian CPS.

Here are some reasons why I am doing this

  1. As a Christian I cannot sit back and watch a great injustice being done in Norway with tacit majority approval from the nordic society. Five children were removed from their family WITHOUT WARNING, WITHOUT INVESTIGATION, AND WITHOUT DUE PROCESS. History and expert testimony shows that there is 96% chance these children will not be returned to their parents! I cannot sit back and watch a family being destroyed by a powerful, state controlled organization. Christians understand this because our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ was executed without a fair trial, without due process, and without evidence of wrongdoing. The prophet Isaiah said about Christ: “By oppression and judgment he was taken away. Yet who of his generation protested?” We are witnesses to the oppression and unfair judgement against Bodnariu, but our generation of Christians looks to the Bible and will not be quiet about this injustice. We will protest and we will sound a world-wide alarm.
  2. It takes a family to raise a child. The nordic countries may think that the State is more qualified for the task, but this is clearly not the case. Liberal sociologists have spread their agenda even in government. In the United States we had Hillary Clinton who is trying (but failing) to become president say: “it takes a village to raise a child.” It does not take a village, and it does not take a state to raise a child. It takes a family to raise a child. Foster families in Norway are mercenaries of the state. They are paid 50,000 euros per child, per year to simulate being a parent.  No parental love, no parental care, no parental attachment. This is Barnevernet’s idea of raising a child.
  3. Barnevernet has taken a breastfeeding infant from his mother’s breast at the age of 3 months. Nowhere in the history of the brutal Romanian communism have we heard of such a crime. This is unacceptable in any era, in any society, and in any culture. Sorry, I forgot, with the exception of Pharaoh in ancient Egypt when he took the male Jewish infants and threw them in the Nile. And Herod the Great’s infanticide two years after the birth of Christ, in his attempt to murder baby Jesus. Here you have it: Barnevernet, Pharaoh and Herod. 
  4. The psychological warfare against the Bodnariu children: Barnevernet has hinted to the older girls that they are getting new parents and that their biological parents are dying. Hence the heartbreaking letter from the girl where she wrote to her parents: “I thought you were going to die.” The younger boys are subjected to repeated detachment experience every time their mom leaves them after their brief visits. Psychological theory states that the child will develop aggression toward the mother with this type of visitation method. Barnevernet is doing this on purpose! We will let the world know what they are doing.
  5. Barnevernet is dragging their feet in solving this case. Why? Because the longer the process lingers, the more likely they are to say: “oh wait, the kids forgot about their parents and have reattached to their foster families… it will be traumatic to send them back home.”This is their goal. Drag out the process and ultimately confiscate the children forever. We must expose this draconian technique and inform the world.
  6. Barnevernet is dishonest. They tried to get the parents to divorce. They tried to pit the parents against each other. They tried to get false testimony from the parents against each other. They lied in communication with the parents about visitation rights. They “forgot” to bring the children at visitation. How can we not protest this injustice?
  7. Everything Barnevernet has done was aimed at destroying the Bodnariu family instead of helping them (like their official mission states). No wonder immigrant families are packing their bags and leaving Norway. No wonder CPS is in full damage control. No wonder Solveig Horne (the minister in charge) wants incriminating videos of children begin forcefully confiscated removed from You Tube.
  8. And ultimately we are protesting because we do not want this cancer to spread. This serves notice to the US Child Protective Services who have had their share of abuse, that CPS issues are now under international scrutiny. You certainly are not God, and we certainly are not going to bow to your ideology.

I hope this article motivates readers in the Bay/Sacramento area to come to the protest in San Francisco.

Make this your mission. We are all Bodnariu. Show your children that you can take a stand against injustice, and more than that, bring your children with you.  This will be an experience that will mark them positively for the rest of their lives.

Together we can exercise enough pressure to bring the CPS hostage children home.




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