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Romanias ambassade advarer mot barnevernet

Melding lagt ut av den rumenske ambassaden i Danmark. Den hadde passet godt i Norge også.


In regards to the increased cases of Romanian minors removed from their family by the Danish child protection services, we would like to draw your attention to the following:

– if you are regularly called to school where you are told that the minor is not “the same” as other children (eg: does not know how to ride a bicycle, does not play with other children, is too agitated, has to consult a psychologist etc.) these are the first signs that the Danish authorities are considering taking over the minor.

– If family abuse is even temporary between spouses or between parents and children reported by a family member to the police, neighbors or even children at school, the authorities can take the juveniles without taking any prior action, considering that the environment in which they live is not safe.

– if parents have debts to pay rent, utilities, etc. it is another reason why minors can be taken into care.

– if parents suffer long-term illnesses, the Danish authorities believe that parents lack the capacity to spend enough time to raise and educate their child(ren).

These are just a few cases where minors were and are institutionalized by the Danish authorities under social protection measures.

The recommendation of the Romanian Embassy in Copenhagen is to not ignore any of the signals received from the Danish authorities and as a precautionary action, urgently contact the diplomatic mission (tel: +45 27 35 55 37) for consular assistance. We note that the Danish legal rules and framework for minors are very strict and, like the other northern states, the repatriation of minors to Romania is difficult, and if there are favorable prospects, it occurs after a long period of time. So, we want to warn you not to get into such situations.”




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