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Save your child from UNICEF

Published by Suranya Aiyar
A study of UNICEF’s biased and false claims about Indian parents
Suranya Aiyar
Suranya Aiyar

About the Author: Suranya Aiyar is a 41 year-old Indian housewife. She has two children, aged 6 and 3 years. Her husband is a corporate lawyer. Before quitting her career to take care of her children, Suranya Aiyar was a lawyer. She started her practice in 1998 as a litigator in the Delhi High Court and Supreme Court. In the year 2004, she shifted to corporate law, joining the firm J. Sagar Associates. She was a partner at J. Sagar Associates of three years standing when she left in 2010 to become a stay at home mother. Suranya Aiyar was educated in India, England and America. She obtained a BA Honours degree in Mathematics from St Stephen‘s College, Delhi University in year 1995. In 1997, she obtained a BA Honours degree in law from Oxford University, England, where she studied on a Radhakrishnan Scholarship. She completed her studies in 1998, with an LL.M from New York University, USA. Since 2012, Suranya Aiyar has been writing and critiquing Westernstyle child protection laws as advocated in India by UNICEF and Save the Children. On a pro bono basis she has given support and advice to Indian families facing confiscation of their children abroad by child protection authorities. She also writes and illustrates children‘s books.

August 2015, New Delhi suranya_aiyar@yahoo.com



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